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  • Everyone sees the same information at the same time - from the web,
    to phones, to storefronts. Your people help customers with complete,
    consistent information in real time, every time; questions get answered,
    options are offered and additional revenue is realized.
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  • Know which campaigns are working, which customers are buying,
    what they're buying and what they're not. You can also manage lists,
    promotions and customers. Use real-time data, historic behaviors and
    predictive modeling to craft your next campaign.
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  • A lot happens between that first customer call and final billing, like order
    entry, picking, packing, and shipping. InOrder follows every order through
    the process and allows instant access to where it is - keeping your CSRs
    informed and your customers happy.
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  • InOrder not only knows the warehouse, it knows the age and location of
    every item at the bin level. Using barcoded item and location labels, lot
    tracking and serial number management, InOrder makes it easy to
    improve logistics, inventory turnover and your workflow.
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  • Count on InOrder. InOrder's accounting system manages Accounts
    Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Purchasing.
    All are highly linked with other areas of InOrder, allowing visibility
    and functionality in real-time across all departments.
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  • With InOrder, one database unifies the business and the website -
    keeping your site's inventory availability, pricing, promotions,
    discounts, content, order status, history and tracking - all in real time.
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  • You can't manage what you can't see. InOrder allows you visibility into
    all the moving parts of your business - run hundreds of reports to better
    track your business. Our reports engine is fully transparent, allowing you
    to change fields and create custom reports easily.
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Online Order Management Software for Internet Retailers

InOrder supports demanding online retail / eCommerce transactions

For Internet retailers, having an industrial-strength backend system that supports inventory, purchasing, and warehouse tracking isn’t a nice-to-have – it’s a must-have. With orders coming into your website or call center around the clock, you simply cannot afford to lose orders or have your system be down – for even a few minutes.

InOrder is the backend system you’ve been seeking. Robust and rock-solid reliable, InOrder can handle tens of thousands of transactions a day. (In fact, a third-party company “stress tested” InOrder against two ERP software giants – and gave up on them. InOrder passed with flying colors.)

With InOrder’s real time inventory tracking, your CSRs and customers will always know if inventory is in stock – with no delay – while easily handling custom and complex purchases, refunds and returns. And, because it’s a true, tightly integrated ERP system, InOrder lets you add modules as you need them, including CRM, Financials, Marketing, Warehouse Management and eCommerce. Purchase only what you need and add on as your business grows or changes.

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InOrder for Internet Retailers offers:

  • A robust, stable backend fulfillment software system that you own and install on your servers or in the cloud
  • Ability to handle thousands of transactions each day via the web or your call center
  • True real time inventory and order management
  • Consistent, interconnected information: CRM, Financials, Inventory, eCommerce, and Marketing
  • Responsive US-based technical support

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