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  • Everyone sees the same information at the same time - from the web, to phones, to storefronts. Your people help customers with complete, consistent information in real time, every time; questions get answered, options are offered and additional revenue is realized. Learn More »
  • Know which campaigns are working, which customers are buying, what they're buying and what they're not. You can also manage lists, promotions and customers. Use real-time data, historic behaviors and predictive modeling to craft your next campaign. Learn More »
  • A lot happens between that first customer call and final billing, like order entry, picking, packing, and shipping. InOrder follows every order through the process and allows instant access to where it is - keeping your CSRs informed and your customers happy. Learn More »
  • InOrder not only knows the warehouse, it knows the age and location of every item at the bin level. Using barcoded item and location labels, lot tracking and serial number management, InOrder makes it easy to improve logistics, inventory turnover and your workflow.
  • Count on InOrder. InOrder's accounting system manages Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Purchasing. All are highly linked with other areas of InOrder, allowing visibility and functionality in real-time across all departments. Learn More »
  • With InOrder, one database unifies the business and the website - keeping your site's inventory availability, pricing, promotions, discounts, content, order status, history and tracking - all in real time. Learn More »
  • You can't manage what you can't see. InOrder allows you visibility into all the moving parts of your business - run hundreds of reports to better track your business. Our reports engine is fully transparent, allowing you to change fields and create custom reports easily. Learn More »
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Increase Efficiency, Eliminate Inaccuracies in Your Warehouse

Tap into the power of InOrder’s Real-Time Warehouse Management System

With InOrder’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), you can track your entire inventory right to the bin level. This robust yet easy-to-use system lets you add just the features that suit your warehouse operations. From Radio Frequency capabilities for handheld scanners to multi-client licenses that allow your clients to view their individual real-time data (and only their data), InOrder lets you do business your way.

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A few of the benefits of using InOrder’s Warehouse Management System:

  • Reduced inefficiencies – Verify picked orders, easily create kit assemblies and sort orders into groups for single pass through cart picking.
  • Real-time inventory tracking – You get up-to-the-minute accuracy across all channels.
  • End-to-end functionality – From order picking to shipping, InOrder speeds work flow, eliminates inaccuracies, and reduces bottlenecks.
InOrder’s Integrated Suite of Features include:

Warehouse Management System

Track your entire inventory to the bin level. The Picking List program takes advantage of the WMS by selecting the bins with the oldest stock and the most logical location for picking efficiency. You can have product in an unlimited number of bins or multiple products in a single bin. The Cart Picking program sorts all orders into groups with each group containing orders with similar line items. The number of slots on the cart determines the number of orders in each group. This highly efficient method of picking needs only a single pass through the warehouse to pick all orders in the group.

Radio Frequency

Add wireless handheld devices to pick, pack, put away, and move stock within your warehouse(s). Along with these devices come more efficiency and more accuracy in your operations.

Client Licenses

Offer your clients real-time access to their data while at the same time prohibiting them from seeing your other clients' information. You control how much access they have. If you permit it, clients can view inventory levels, recent sales and even enter orders themselves. They can run sales reports and generally obtain the information they need to run their businesses, which in the past, would have been provided by your account reps. This is a real win-win offering to your customers. You save on support costs and generate a new revenue stream from Client license rentals. Your customers get the information they have always needed whenever they want it, day or night, in real-time.

Catalog Request Manager

Stop the clutter of catalog requests within your paid orders and simple create a mailing list for bulk distribution.

Inventory Labels

Create barcoded labels when needed with the fully integrated label creation software.

Inventory Physical Inventory

Tells you what to count and reconciles discrepancies. Any inventory adjustments are automatically sent to your General Ledger.

Kits and Kits-on-the-Fly

Whether you need to create kit assemblies for new inventory or kits to be assembled on the fly, our kitting programs will bring ease to your process.

Packing Verify

Reduce picking errors to zero. Verify picked orders using a barcode scanner at the packing station for release prior to shipping.

Shipping System Interface

Connect InOrder to your favorite manifest system or carrier system for real-time communication and functionality.

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