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  • Everyone sees the same information at the same time - from the web, to phones, to storefronts. Your people help customers with complete, consistent information in real time, every time; questions get answered, options are offered and additional revenue is realized. Learn More »
  • Know which campaigns are working, which customers are buying, what they're buying and what they're not. You can also manage lists, promotions and customers. Use real-time data, historic behaviors and predictive modeling to craft your next campaign. Learn More »
  • A lot happens between that first customer call and final billing, like order entry, picking, packing, and shipping. InOrder follows every order through the process and allows instant access to where it is - keeping your CSRs informed and your customers happy.
  • InOrder not only knows the warehouse, it knows the age and location of every item at the bin level. Using barcoded item and location labels, lot tracking and serial number management, InOrder makes it easy to improve logistics, inventory turnover and your workflow. Learn More »
  • Count on InOrder. InOrder's accounting system manages Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Purchasing. All are highly linked with other areas of InOrder, allowing visibility and functionality in real-time across all departments. Learn More »
  • With InOrder, one database unifies the business and the website - keeping your site's inventory availability, pricing, promotions, discounts, content, order status, history and tracking - all in real time. Learn More »
  • You can't manage what you can't see. InOrder allows you visibility into all the moving parts of your business - run hundreds of reports to better track your business. Our reports engine is fully transparent, allowing you to change fields and create custom reports easily. Learn More »
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Real-Time Inventory and Order Management Software Across Your Entire Business

A flexible, highly robust suite of features that conform to your way of doing business

What makes InOrder’s Inventory and Order Management Software capabilities stand apart from most other software systems is the integrated real time updating of your data. Whether customers place orders online, via your call center, or at your retail locations, InOrder keeps all of your organization’s information accurate at all times.

The beauty of InOrder’s Inventory and Order Management Software is that you can add only the features specific to your business. From Item Personalization to Digital Distribution, InOrder lets you do business your way.

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A few of the benefits of using InOrder’s family of Inventory and Order Management Software Modules:

  • Improved inventory and order information management and access.
  • An end-to-end eCommerce software solution for multi-level order management, from status updating and tracking to order history, opt-in/opt-out, repeat orders, wish lists, gift cards/shopping, and customer loyalty programs.
  • Cost reductions through improved Inventory control and accurate forcasting.
  • Easier access to unexplored sales channels and more efficient, more muscular marketing.
  • The end of data-entry redundancy while also providing consistent, interconnected information to everyone in your organization.
InOrder’s Integrated Suite of Features include:

Inventory and Order Processing

The foundation of the InOrder system, this software module allows you to process orders and track inventory under a variety of scenarios, keeping inventory accurate at all times while providing your order department with the tools they need for fast and accurate order processing.

Item Personalization

Easily define which of your items have personalization and the personalization features available. For example, an item may location (i.e. chest or sleeve), colors, font choices and sizes, and logos or decals. The number of personalization traits are unlimited, as are the number of choices within each trait. Special personalization screens within order entry let you quickly enter the specific requirements of an entire team's needs. You will love this module’s capabilities!

Loyalty Program

If your customers have a choice of where to shop, why not offer them loyalty points with each purchase? InOrder’s Customer Loyalty software module ensures your customers stay your customers with flexible loyalty awards that can vary by type of customer and by promotion.


Allows the same customer – in fact the same order – to have both subscriptions and regularly stocked items. The software module also does full unearned-to-earned income accounting and has extensive renewal capabilities, including various renewal testing scenarios. Membership accounting with special Membership Price Lists and earned/ unearned membership dues is also supported.


Send your customers a series of items over time in a predefined sequence, regardless of when your customers place their orders. What makes this module special is you define each series. You can test different series sequences to determine the optimum series sequence for maximum customer retention. InOrder tracks what each customer has actually received thus far so that if you redefine the sequence, InOrder can be sure that you don't ship the same item twice to a customer and it can ship new items as they get added to the series.

Point of Sale

A robust, tightly integrated, full-featured module, InOrder’s POS software can access most areas of the InOrder system, locating inventory throughout your stores or warehouses. Designed for touch screen order processing, the module dramatically improves efficiency at the register as it incorporates a drill down capability, making looking up inventory a painless task. If your customer would prefer to ship their order, or if the item is not in your retail store, you can have the POS system ship those items from your warehouse or have the item held for pickup. Choose software options based on touch screen, number of cash drawers, CPU speed, PC memory, PC disk space, pole display, scanner, card reader, receipt printer, etc.

Electronic Publishing (Digital Distribution)

Effortlessly allow your customers to download music, documents and other digital media. An order may contain both physical products and digital media. The digital media may be the same for each download or may be customized for each order (such as a group of personalized gift certificates.)

Address Correction

Put a stop to bad or duplicate customer prospect data entering your system with Melissa Data Address correction tools.

Batch Scheduling

Automate many of your repetitive routines and functions, such as imports, reports batch jobs and more.

Consignment Request Manager

Store your inventory at multiple customer locations and then bill your customers as they purchase it.

Data Import Mapping and Electronic Order Filling

A complete suite of data import tools for everything from orders and inventory to vendor catalogs.

Enterprise Management Toolkit

InOrder enterprise tools give you control over your ongoing use of the software by allowing you to create customized business rules. You control important core behaviors within InOrder without the need of costly modifications and programming. The EMT allows virtually limitless possibilities for your InOrder Installation.

Standing Orders

Perfect for nutraceuticals or any other good-til-cancelled orders.

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